Axiom Life Sciences Group has a range of expertise for all aspects within the program and operations life-cycle. The mantra is to not have limitations in what Axiom does for clients and partners. We welcome the opportunity to undertake challenging projects with a methodical and logical approach.

Our Specialties – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or Drug Substance, Bulk Intermediates, OTC, Solid, and Liquid Dosage Forms, Biotechnology / Biologics, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Parentals, Clinical Manufacturing, Finishing / Packaging, Cosmetics, and Medical Devices.

  • Program Management- Axiom Program Management service provides a basic fundamental approach to our client projects. All Axiom projects begin with identifying the principal performance objectives and metrics needed, not only to lay the ground work, but to provide a structure for maintaining the program in the critical areas.
  • Project Engineering- Axiom Project Engineering provides a perspective on projects with regard to design standards, constructability, and meeting requirements for life sciences facilities and processes.
  • Qualification & Validation- Axiom Qualification and Validation provides a fully integrated approach to qualification of cGMP equipment, utilities, and controlled environments, in addition to validation of sterile or aseptic processes.
  • Regulatory & Quality- Axiom Regulatory and Quality provides an understanding of industry guidelines and requirements to our clients and partners.
  • Brokerage- Axiom Strategic Sourcing is highly specialized in mediating the purchase and sale of equipment technologies and facilities between life sciences firms, in addition to coordinating the removal and transport to the buyers.

Our biotech and pharmaceutical project management services can be used to evaluate, implement and manage any aspect of your company. We want top help you gain the results you deserve through effective pharmaceutical project management, compliance and brokerage. For more information, please read more about our services or, contact us today for an initial consultation.