Program Management

Axiom Program Management service provides a basic fundamental approach to our client projects. All Axiom projects begin with identifying the principal performance objectives and metrics needed, not only to lay the ground work, but to provide a structure for maintaining the program in the critical areas. Once the foundation is completed, the program is aligned with high level vision, goals, and objectives. The program is managed with the strict adherence to the principles and alignment of the high level vision.

Management is executed with regular reviews of performance, coordination of project, the stakeholders, and suppliers, with a strong emphasis on accountability. The Axiom team will ensure that each element of the program operates and fits together for optimized performance across the value chain, functionality, and technically. From ensuring you have the correct active pharmaceutical ingredients to facility management within your Biotechnology company, our program management can address it all. The finance, infrastructure, and planning of the program brings together the overall cost, resources, and milestones required for execution for the sub projects. Improvements may be achieved throughout the program execution with attention to detail and collaboration with our clients and partners. Throughout the entire Program Management process all tasked are documented and controlled in a traceable manner. Traceability and document control are fundamental requirements for all cGMP projects.

Each of our client programs and projects are executed with:

  • Structure
  • Alignment
  • Management
  • Integration
  • Finance and Schedule Planning
  • Optimization and Improvements

With a wide range of specialties in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or Drug Substance, Bulk Intermediates, OTC, Solid, and Liquid Dosage Forms, Biotechnology / Biologics, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Parentals, Clinical Manufacturing, Finishing / Packaging, Cosmetics, and Medical Devices, the following aspects are supported by Axiom Program Management:

  • Capital Project Support
  • Business Strategy Analysis
  • Project Strategy
  • Resource and Schedule Management
  • Site Network Strategy
  • Facility Management
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Risk Mitigation

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