Strategic Sourcing

Axiom Strategic Sourcing is highly specialized in developing and executing a sourcing strategy for the selection of Contract Research (CRO) or Manufacturing (CMO) Organizations, API materials, Excipients, and Packaging Components. Other areas include mediating the purchase and sale of equipment technologies and facilities between life sciences firms, in addition to coordinating the removal and transport to the buyers. In an always transitioning environment within the life sciences industry, the Axiom Strategic team can assist clients and partners with identifying market value of technology inventory, finding a suitable buyer, equipment disassembly, shipment and installation, as well as process analysis. This service can provide a tremendous value to clients and partners where construction costs have been elevated and operating budgets have been challenged. Axiom has all of the tools and experience within the biotech & pharmaceutical industry to perform adequate evaluations and marketing the intricacies of the systems and to be sold.

With a wide range of specialties in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or Drug Substance, Bulk Intermediates, OTC, Solid, and Liquid Dosage Forms, Biotechnology / Biologics, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Parentals, Clinical Manufacturing, Finishing / Packaging, Cosmetics, and Medical Devices, the following aspects are supported by Axiom Brokerage:

Cost Estimation:

An Axiom representative will visit the client site and review the overall inventory of equipment. A cost estimation is provided in a timely manner with a plan of action for marketing.

Marketing and Sales:

Through the use of an extensive Axiom network, the client systems will be featured through affective open lines of communication with previous clients and partners, in addition to other marketing channels. Our technical understanding of equipment and processes offer the best opportunity to provide an overall vision to potential buyers.

Client Liaison:

Axiom Strategic Sourcing will mediate buyer offers and prepare contract agreements needed to complete the sale. We also can provide procurement operation services to small and mid size companies.

Logistics and Transportation:

Our group of logistics experts will meet with clients to create the best strategy for disassembly and removal of the equipment from the facility in preparation of shipment complete with an accurate bill of materials.

Installation and Start-Up:

Once the equipment is shipped, Axiom will coordinate the complete reassembly of system in conjunction with facility utilities followed by startup testing.

Subsequent Qualification, Validation, and Regulatory Filing:

The Axiom organization has the broad and diverse range of expertise to further assist with the preparation of adequate maintenance, qualification of equipment, validation of process, establishing operational procedures, and the regulatory filing necessary to bring the system to product manufacturing or use.

Site Transformation:

All of the Axiom Strategic Sourcing services can contribute to client site transformation by either removal or delivery of pre-owned equipment from the facilities, in addition to assessment and selection of key supply chain manufacturing resources.

See our other services for program management, project engineering, qualification & validation, and regulatory & quality.

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